Based in Chicago, David Wallace Haskins conducts experiments and explorations with light, space, time, and sound. While working with experts in psychology, ecology, physics and philosophy, Haskins leads a core team of likeminded artists and technicians to develop and evolve these experiments into innovative installations, sculptures, and events.


davidwallacehaskins (at) gmail (dot) com


Programming, Conceptual Design: Sean Zellmer 
Sound Production, Conceptual Design: Chris Canfield
Graphic, Conceptual Design: Brittney Dun 
Video, Photography: David Vosburg 
Sound Engineering: Aaron Davis, Jeff Pelletier
Animation, Technical Design: Drew Vosburg 
Architecture: Daniel J. Simoneit 
Structural Engineering: Dan Popp, S.E
Construction: Doug Neal 
Electrical: Adam Farley 
Psychology: Paul Holmes, PsyD  
Ecology: Read Mercer Schuchardt, PhD 
Physics, Mathematics: James P. Buban, PhD
History, Philosophy: Daniel S. Robinson, PhD