Steel, aluminum, wood, silvered float glass, far infrared light film, and existing architecture 
Total dimensions variable
Z+O Architecture + Interiors, Glen Ellyn, IL USA 
Skywall installation series

The Skywall series brings the full vertical dimension of the sky down to the horizontal
space we live in. It is not a reproduction, projection, or video display, it is the actual, 
live, three-dimensional sky hovering on a wall. 

"Infinite and immeasurable in depth. It is a painting of air, something into which you
can see, through the parts which are near you, into those which are far off; something
which has no surface and through which 
we can plunge far and farther, and without
stay or end, into the profundity of space." 

John Ruskin 

Video tour can be viewed here

August 2014 Grand Opening Info here